For the FIRST timer

🌊 FULL DAY - Discover Diving 🌊

Have you ever wondered what it's like to breathe underwater? 
If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take a certification course, Discover Diving is for you. Discover Diving or introductory diving is for people who do not have a diving certification yet and it is the MUST-DO activity in Okinawa. The crystal clear water of Okinawa is the perfect place to discover a whole new world.
We will teach you how to use the diving equipment in detail so that you can enjoy your underwater experience with no stress! You will have an unforgettable memory and pictures with FLARE DIVE!
 Notice ⚡
  • Check the age limit before booking! This activity apply to guest between 18~60 years of age adult only. (A minor over 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult guardian.) 
  • Check Medical Check for SCUBA before booking. (Click and check)
  • Check Cancellation Policy before booking. (Click and check)
  • After diving you must have at least 18 hours rest before taking flight to anywhere.
Price Table
¥21,000/a day per person
2 Dives + Snorkeling
minimum 2 people
Included : All diving equipment, diving insurance, lunch box, drinking water & snacks, accommodation transfer (only within NAHA area)
Requirements : Adult between 18~60 years of age,
A minor over 10 years of age must be with a guardian,
Check Medical Check for SCUBA
🚤 Schedule 🚤
  • Spend all day on a boat after 2 dives + snorkeling and come back to NAHA area.

07:00~30 Hotel pick-up (only within NAHA area)

07:40 Arrive at port

07:50 Boat & diving briefing

08:30 Depart to KERAMA Islands

09:30 Arrive at 1st point & snorkeling to relax and practice use of equipment

11:00 Change a point & 1st try diving

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Change a point & 2nd try diving

14:00 Shower and change to dry clothes on boat

15:00 Head back to NAHA

15:30 Arrive at port 

16:00 Hotel drop-off (only within NAHA area)

✅ Included ✅
  • Diving insurance
  • All diving equipment
  • Accommodation transfer (only within NAHA area)
  • Tank & weight
  • Lunch box
  • Drinking water & snacks
🎒 Prepare by yourself 🎒
  • Swimsuit (recommend to wear in advance)
  • Motion sickness medicine (recommend to take in advance)
  • Towel